Classic Cocktails Boston: The Story

How else can I put this? I love classic cocktails.

When I started this blog, the idea was to pay homage to each legendary libation, from the Alexander all the way down to the Zombie, with a few original variations from today’s Boston bars thrown on the side. Even this very page was originally a long-winded essay on the importance of the history of drink-mixing, and my thoughts haven’t changed since. But when I wrote up my first original Boston cocktail, an Old Fashioned variation from Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square, I realized that discovering what the great bars in this city have to offer today is much more interesting than listening to myself babble about a cocktail that was invented a hundred years ago.

Classic Cocktails Boston, as you see it now, is above all a celebration of the inventiveness and passion of Boston’s bartenders, who, between slinging Bud Lights during Red Sox games, make a living by carrying on the legacy of those who invented such classics as the Martini, the Sazerac, the Manhattan and the Negroni. But while most of those bartenders didn’t toy with anything beyond four simple ingredients, our friends here in Boston are reaching for spice racks, digging through gardens, heating up smokers and creating flavors, textures, visuals (and the names, by God) the likes of which the world of drinks has neither seen nor sipped.

A snap pea Daiquiri, a fig and vanilla infused Manhattan, and an Old Fashioned by way of Brazil are only a few of the many innovative, playful and, oh yeah, goddamn delicious drinks you’ll find on this site and, if you go looking, atop the counters of Boston’s greatest bars.

As David A. Embury wrote in his much celebrated guide The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks in 1948:

The well made cocktail is one of the most gracious of drinks. It pleases the senses. The shared delight of those who partake in common of this refreshing nectar breaks the ice of formal reserve. Taut nerves relax; taut muscles relax; tired eyes brighten; tongues loosen; friendships deepen; the whole world becomes a better place in which to live…

If he were still around, I believe Embury would have a blast in this town. Anyway, that’s enough from me. Thanks for checking out my site, and drink responsibly, everyone. Or don’t. Just drink well, and enjoy.

– Jesse


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